TP-Link TL-WR703N

This router - the 703n is useful for building various DIY gadgets based on OpenWRT with WIFI (or wired) connectivity.

The 703n

I have already used several of those. One was used as a wireless bridge in order to share a network printer. Others were used to test and try wireless music transmission and different scenarios of running Linux, PulseAudio, MPD, RTP.

I have built two audio boxes with this router.

  • (openwrt-pulseaudio) First was OpenWrt (head), PulseAudio server. Sound was sent from my home server via wifi. Player was mpd with pulse configured as output.
  • (openwrt-mpd) Second one was OpenWrt (head), mpd-mini, samba share mounted on the router. Additionally I've added external antenna in order to improve reception.

I am going to test the stability of both systems. So far I have spent some time using the openwrt-pulseaudio system. From time to time, when I start playing music, there is audible crackle noise. After I stop and resume play several times the noise disappears. I still have to investigate where the problem comes from - the USB stack, pulseaudio caching, wifi transmission problems, or the audio output from the USB audio card (C-Media chip)